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The Right to Write

I just finished reading a piece about young man who is sadly coming to terms with his terminal cancer at a young age. As a father of three he has a lot to come to terms with. Reading my heart broke for him. What resonated with me in the article was that this young man had written a 1,200 word piece that 70,000 people have read. He’s quoted to say “I don’t even know why I did the post, I had the urge to sit down and just to write about it.”

To read the full piece “I’m 35 and I may suddenly have lost the rest of my life. I’m panicking, just a bit” click here. 

People ask me why am I now doing this blog. And why not a vlog or something more sexy and techie. There are many reasons why I chose to writing as my vehicle, but a largly this blog is cathartic. The thoughts that spin within my head are a kaleidoscope of ideas and emotions. Writing makes them manageable and linear. It’s a way of presenting them in a digestible form.

What I write is often a conversation that has been going on within my head that started maybe as a  whisper, came forward as a conversation, then evolved into someone screaming. It’s a phenomenon all in it’s own trying to get out.

Writing is a way to “see” my thoughts. These thoughts are not fact or fiction, they lie somewhere in between. They are my perception of the outer-world via my inner soul. People write, I believe, to project and to understand the meaning behind our thoughts.

I’ve been writing since I was a young girl. I always kept journals. I guess you could say I’ve had a lot of practice. Writing allows me to express the things I cannot say. I love to letter write, script out apologies before I say them, or jot down words of courage and wisdom to myself. I’ve scraps of paper tucked into books and journals piled up on book shelves. It’s a spiritual practice that is a transcriptive meditation. When I feel things, sometimes it is too intense to keep inside and writing is a way to channel it out of my system so that I can find peace inside my mind and my heart again.

When we write, the advise is to write to one person. Chose one person who you want to speak to or share knowledge with. When I journal, I write to myself. Literally, I start with “Dear Self,” and write to myself. When I blog I have one person on mind who I write too, but with the hope that my message will touch many. I hope by sharing my words I can inspire, affirm, validate, encourage, and inform others.

If we are the vessel through which something divine and creative comes through, then it is our right to write, let it flow and share it with who we chose.

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