Personal Growth

Promises To Yourself

I love the idea of personal mission statement. Every business will have a code of conduct and I feel both can be applied to your personal self. I try to check in with myself and look at who I am, how I’m conducting myself in the world, in my work place, and in my relationships. A handful of years ago I put to paper rules for how I wanted to conduct myself. I was inspired by The Optimist’s Creed by Christian D. Larson. I wanted one more personal so I wrote what is below. I keep a print out and it gets moved to every journal I’m using at the time. I used to recite it daily and I believe it changed who I was. I became a better person. I share with you the promises I make to myself and encourage you to write your own!

I promise to be kind

I promise to be honest

I promise to act from a place of love

I promise to be respectful

I promise to be grateful

I promise to always put my best foot forward

I promise to always be true to myself

I promise to not compromise my beliefs

I promise to be a person of integrity

I promise to listen to my instincts and let them guide me

I promise to not judge or be judged

I promise to be selective of who I allow in my life

I promise to wait for people to earn my love and friendship

I promise to always think and speak positively

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